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Permissions Required

Here's a list and description of all the permissions the bot requires, just in case you're wondering why it needs that one specific permission!

  • Send Messages: the bot will basically break without this
  • Embed Links: again, the bot will break without this
  • Manage Messages: that way embeds work normally (reactions can be removed)
  • Use External Emojis: the bot uses some external emojis to make embeds look nicer
  • Add Reactions: embeds and menus will require this
  • Attach Files: that way it can attach images + descriptions if required.
  • Manage Webhooks: for a future feature (custom autoupdaters)
  • Read Message (History): required for the autoupdater to work: it needs to see at least one message in the history.
  • Access your username and avatar + Know what servers you're in: required for the web UI that you're looking at to work.

COVID-19 Bot

The normal bot. Recommended for everyone except those who are willing to deal with possibly breaking bugs.

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The beta bot. It will have breaking bugs, often, but it will also have more new features.


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