COVID-19 Bot


  • A auto-updater to send updates on a country every amount of time. See /help autoupdate for details.
  • Global, Country, and Province stats (/covid world for global, /covid country <country> for stats on <country>, and /covid province <province> for stats on <province>! For stats on American States, check out /covid state <name> for stats in <name>!
  • Maps! See a global, high-quality map for a lot of stuff, like total cases! See /maps for details.
  • Vaccine stats! Get details on the latest vaccine candidates without leaving Discord! See /vaccine for details.
  • And much more!

Features Coming Soon

  • Graphs
  • Historical Data
  • Future Simulations
  • COVID-19 News
  • COVID-19 Minigames
  • Customized Autoupdates
  • Autoupdates for everything, from the world, to states, to maps, and even more!


Most users like doing a autoupdate for the world, once daily, so start with that! Type the following into the channel you want to do a update in:  

/autoupdate world 1d

The bot will now send a update for the world, once daily.

The web UI is coming shortly! Keep a eye on this site, and join the support server for updates!

Sure! Click the support server invite at the top of the page, head over to #support, ask your question, and be sure to ping the @Support role for a quicker response!